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The value of congruency

When we’re kids, it’s easy to think that everything you think is the right choice and you’re making a hero’s decision.

How do we know? The fact is that as a kid you don’t actually make any decisions, so you never know how you’ll actually act. You are good in all aspects, but it’s an unprovent type of good.

I got really lucky in that I had excellent mentors when I first ventured out into business. You’ll inevitably be confronted with situations were you could easily convince yourself to let your values slide; in the moment it won’t even look like it. If you let it, your brain will be quick to make a rationalization.

But, this is where you define the type of person you are. It’s immensley worth it to make the right choice. How much is it worth to you to be incongruent with who you are?

The answer for me is that congruency is priceless. I’ll write a bit more on this later, but in short, it offers excellent value. The first is that you will be happy with yourself, you will honestly be someone who you yourself respect. The second, is that you will build up your ability as stakes get higher, and making the right choice there will create immense wins for you.

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