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Your perspective has nothing to do with reality.

One quote we used for a marketing piece sums this up the best —

Money moves based on non-judgmental market forces, not morality. The difficult truth is: Being a good person, being a better person, being an exceptionally talented person, making or selling the better or even best product, or delivering the finest service does not automatically entitle you to wealth… If you think that you should be financially rewarded because you are honest, hard-working, and kind to old people and pets, you’re in for a very disappointing life.

No matter how you feel about something, it doesn’t change that it’s going to happen. This occurs to me in two situations. One, I practice something, and I feel the pain, but I know it will lead to the results I want, and the actual situation has no negatives in the first place. Two, I avoid something because I don’t want to think about it.

A perfect example of the latter — In Taiwan I was having trouble finding living accommodations, so I ignored it. Sleeping at the computer cafe was very real…:P

The closer we get to professionalism and our goals, I feel like closer we are to the reality of things.

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