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SICP, beautifully displayed

On top of my list of programming books are Introduction to Algorithms, and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming.

For me, when reading textbook-style writing, it’s important to have 2 things: the first, an easily digestible way for me to consume the media and know where I was at last. Second, an accountablity trigger.

Fortunately, Eden and Aaron, two great friends that I mastermind with, were also into reading SICP. We ended up starting a group learning campaign. Because we’re all across the world, we’re using it as more of a way to keep eachother in check, and to ask about the tough questions during debriefings. This is the best plan in my opinion.

If you’re thinking of giving it a read, you need to check out . It’s beautifully structured, which makes the whole experience 10 times more fun.

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