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The feeling comes first

I was having dinner with an excellent friend of myne. He is one of the few people that I think is weirder than I am.

I asked him, don’t you get lonely? I mean, I don’t think many people understand you.

I was stunned when he said it didn’t bother him at all.

I couldn’t accept the answer, so prodded him for more.

He said that he didn’t trust his assessment of why he was feeling something.

He gave an example — maybe one day all of a sudden, you get this feeling of restlessness. You worry, loniliness kreeps in.

Then, you ask — why?

Your brain produces a result. Ah, it’s because no one understands me, ah this, ah that.

But, your brain made that up! You got the feeling first, then you rationalized afterwards.

Challenge the rationalization.

Instead of what your brain comes up with, go for a run, rest, sleep, get better, talk to your friends. Instead of accepting an explanation, test and base your choices on the external world.

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