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AngularJS Learning

I’m beginning on a short quest to get rocking with AngularJS. I did a sort of curriculum-like method for learning Ember, and it turned out really well.

My writeup for that was reflective though, and I’m sure I either missed some parts, or unconciously distrorted it to a fit a narrative. This will outline the steps I’m taking, as I’m taking it.


1) Google search Angular learning resources. Found a great intro video to get started —

2) While watching video, also discovered a quick codeschool course on it

I’ll probably do this right after. The reason I don’t jump right into making an MVC app is because I’d like to have a slightly deeper technical understanding of Angular and it’s best practices.

Update on 2) — Wow! I really enjoyed this tutorial. Excellent way to cover ground. When taking it, I suggest you make your own local version of the app that you’ll be creating on it. It’ll help you internalize much better.

3) Time to look for tutorials on integrating Angular with a backend

I’ve got an understanding of Angular’s core features, but one open question is how Angular handles data via a RESTful API. I’ll be searching for tutorials on making it. Another question I have is about how to best structure an app using angular, and when to use custom directives, etc. I think to get a better sense of this, making an actual Rails App would teach a bunch.

Right now, I’m thinking of making an app to save all of your favorite ideas, but before getting into it, I have 2 other considerations to think about. There’s a coding challenge I’ll be at in a few days, and I’d like to set up a dev environment for it. Once done with that, I also want to knowt the basics of react.js. Before any of that, I also have a bunch of consulting work to finish off.

Will be back on updating this post in a few days.

4) Teach Allen a what I learned

While doing the immediete client objectives, I moved along with Angular learning, with an interesting experiment — a great coder friend of myne and I have been switching roles as teachers to eachother — this time I taught him what I learned with Angular. It helped cement some thoughts, and exposed what I didn’t know. Very useful.

5) Discovered Great Rails and Angular Tutorial

Was scowering around for a tutorial that would help cement routing and services for Angular. Usually there’s always a ‘build a blog with x and y’ tutorial, so I searched it up and found something excellent ->

Thoughts? Reach out to me via twitter or email : )