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Getting Better

I think I wrote something similar to this about a year ago, but I’m writing once more to meditate on it.

One of the most frustrating fact are that when you reach 90%, but because of the last 10% you don’t achieve the objective. From outreach related goals to personal relationships and the list goes on. You do everything right, but something in that elusive 10% eludes you. It can be frustrating.

But, take solace in the fact that the 10% is a skillset issue. It’s much better that it’s a skillset issue, because then you can address it. Be prepared though, becayse that 10% can take twice as long as it took you to achieve that 90%. That’s why all the wins come after it.

Become aggresive about deep work, and become aggressive about people critiquing your work. See what you’re missing, and reach out to the people that can guide you in the right direction. Nothing is a better medicine then work, at least when it comes to this malady.

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