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A habit of tracking core work

It’s been reaffirmed to me over and over again, that it’s consistent, focused practice that leads to improvement and mastery. It’s when you are working on what you don’t know yet; stretching.

It’s also this improvement, and knowledge that you will become better, that is instrumental to overcoming hurdles.

It can be immensily useful to track this! Every week, how many hours of focused practice am I putting in? I can take solace in the number, I can be inspired by that number. Right now I’m not sure what that number is, or how I’ll implement it, but I wanted to write this down to start to get a sense for it.

A potential formula

After riffing on this a bit, here’s a potential structure —

Every day, put in 3 focused hours to working on a hard coding problem, or learning a new technology.

Find a place where you will only do this; There should be no distraction, and it should be easy to start

Figure out what you want to work on before starting out on the 3 hours

I feel like this is most applicable to me in my technical skillset, but I couldn’t see why a business oriented person couldn’t adopt the same strategy.

Thoughts? Reach out to me via twitter or email : )