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Notes on making choices when you have a complicated decision tree

Most treastises on decision making tend to isolate choices. Take pros and cons, etc. But, what happens when you have many multiple choices, with each accomplishing different goals? I noted down below somethings to remember, when making choices.

1) Know what you want out of each choice. What are you willing to say yes to, and what are you will to say no to?

2) Know what you want in the end

3) Write out the whole tree as best you can, if you feel worried. However, don’t concern yourself with anything other then the immediate choices.

The last one is the most important for me. Ask yourself, what can you do? And go ahead and do those things in priority order. Only think about the highest priority thing, until you’re done, or for some reason can’t take action on that and still have free time, then only think about the second one.

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