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The point of breaking down

“You can be an entrepeneur!”

“Everyone who tells you otherwise is just spiteful”

“They just want to protect their beliefs, so they take it out on you”

“Screw that, you don’t need to go to school, you don’t need a job, all the values everyone has doesn’t need to be yours”

“Forge your own values”

I have said every single one of these lines. I thought that people closest to me, even my family, had something behind their minds that told them I couldn’t take this path, because it would invalidate theirs.

But, that’s not the case.

Paul Graham mentions those “lows” in his essays. It’s very noncahalant when people say it. It’s going to be nonchalant when I say it. However, the lows are there. You won’t even expect it. They don’t seem like any type of low you’ve ever been through. It’s a combination of desperation, quick action, fear, backpeddling and pushing forward day and night into something that comes out invalid.

It’s scary. I now know why people warned me about this path.

I want what’s on the other side though. I want it really, really, really fucking bad.

I will get there

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