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Control your excitement for more effective conversations

I’ve noticed a pattern both with my outreach related communication, and with personal communication.

When you want to convey power, excitement and talking too much almost always lead to subpar results.

From obersavation, over-excitment leads to two downsides. The first is that you end up talking more about yourself then the other person. The second, you forget to think about what the other person wants out of the conversation, or what you want to gain as a result of the conversation, but instead just want to flow with your excitment.

Don’t get me wrong, being excited about what you’re doing offers tremendous benefits, but it’s detremintal when you’re in a converation that has any goal other then showing the other person that you’re excited about something.

Remember how great you feel when you’re talking and are excited; imagine if you could make other people feel that way. That can be the stretch goal to your conversations; check hyperactivity out the door, keep a paced converastion, and reach deep to understand what the other person is excited about.

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