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Unpleasant things as a learning resource

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world. A lot of people start in the slums and build their empires. I can’t in anway say that’s the case for me. I hit the lottery with my parents, friend, education, opportunities, you name it. I sent an email when I was 18 and got sent to China because of it…

Recently something less rosey happened — I received 2 offers from what would be considered the mecca of tech industry startups. But, I might not be able to accept them because of Visa issues.

This kind of sucks. These offers were a result of me deferring University to go and build a business in China. I wanted to prove to myself that I was good at my craft, and to build the credibility that I wanted.

But, in a different perspective, it’s helping me grow like crazy. First, in my skillset. My skillset isn’t what I would consider a mind-blowing level. There’s no room for slacking off and leaning on credibility, time to level it up. My hustle was good, but time to use some creativity to expand horizons. What am I not doing? How can I achieve my goals. where can I learn, how can I creatively attack?

How can I blast through this, foot forwards and sword in hand?

This ethos has resulted in this week being one the most interesting weeks I’ve had. For the inspiration behind it, I encourage you to read Ryan Holiday’s ‘The Obstacle is the Way’

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