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Watch when you make your choices

The emotions you’re feeling drastically color both your interpretations of the past and the future.

I remember Dan Gilbert saying something to the tune of, if you’re feeling bad, most memories you recall will feel bad and vice versa.

This can have huge implications when you’re dealing with campaigns. What happens if you get a bad email? Your brain can run at a hundred kilometers an hour, thinking up what’s really most most distant to reality. i.e Instead of someone being on vacation, maybe their making it up :O.

The best thing to do in this situation is nothing, simply go and talk to a confidant. Rest.

Afterwards, write down what the worst thing that could happen is. Also write down the best, and what’s most likely. Then, with that particular run with somewhere between the likely and the best. Spend the rest of your time countering the worst.

Make sure to never bear your fears and frustrations on the campaign itself; i.e don’t go to your clients and start spooking them with your machinations. This is way more common than you’d think, and most people that do it don’t think they’re doing it. They think they are responding to a threat, but that threat is nonexistent most of the times, and if it was the strategy that’s used wouldn’t be a good strategy anyways.

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