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When to fight

What I’m going to say is controversial, but it’s been one of the biggest advantages I’ve been able to gain, and I see people I love making the same mistake I was.

When I was young, If someone treated me badly, wronged me, or did something wrong, I’d unsheath the sword and fight.

This can be fine if you pick one thing, and you devote your entire life to it. If you see something wrong with the world, and you fight to correct that wrong, it’s a noble pursuit that’s worth taking up.

But, what if your interests lie elsewhere? What if you want to be the best craftsperson, or a business person, doctor?

With every fight you open up, you have to devote resources to winning it. If it’s something that society at large believes, then you’ll have to deal with ostracization effects.

The common response when this happens is ‘I don’t care’. Oh whatever, I lost X deal, but I don’t care, she did Y thing wrong.

There’s a fine line here — you can’t ever cross your morals, or let anyone else beyond boundaries you’re comfortable with. However, if you don’t want to devote yourself completely to the fight, don’t dive completely into it. Use the metaphorical ‘counter’. Deal with it swiftly, ignore the jabs and act quickly to get what you want and end the fight.

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