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A new principle on books

I have read probably hundreds of books by now, and it has proven to be a boon in my life.

Recently I realized two things —

I often don’t read books that are specific to my craft. I usually read books on philosophy, marketing, meta-like lessons.

Though that’s great, if I add technical books into my system, I can develop a much deeper understanding of computer science fundamentals, which would sement a lot of what I am learning. Also, if I want to be able to work on something great and invent, I should probably know what’s been invented.

Another thing I can do is to make it more systematic. For example, almost all books in my mac kindle app get read, but PDFs rarely get read — I keep on losing track of where I was.

An easy fix to this is to just buy a kindle :P.

Also, I’m going to start tracking how much I read — I want minimum 15 hours a week ( about 2 hours a day, which is easy to fill up while walking around, etc )

Thoughts? Reach out to me via twitter or email : )