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On dealing with uncertainty

One of the biggest downsides to high upside low chance endevaurs is that it can be pretty easy to get disheartened.

If you end up committing to one specific way of doing something, it’ll quickly became irrational without you even realizing it. As Taleb would say, you ignore the massive _option _of realizing when something doesn’t work, taking the small downside and choosing a different process.

One way to do this, is to conciously remind yourself that things that haven’t materialized yet don’t exist. I.e don’t count the money until it’s in your bank account.

It applies to a lot of things in life. Also, assume that it doesn’t work (which a lot of the times will be the case), ask yourself, what will you do? Once you know, it’s a lot less daunting, and you can attack the task at hand without worrying.

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