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me: “But dad, you don’t understand, he’s a master in entrepreneurship!”

me: “I don’t want him to get the wrong impression, or feel insulted”

dad: “Is what you’re doing wrong?”

me: “Well, no”

dad: “Then, if he’s as you say he is, of course he’ll be fine.”

dad: “There’s a lot more options open to you than you think.”

This has been a big realization for me. I often worry too much about what other people perceive about my actions, rather than actually worrying about my actions.

With a lot of negotiations coming to a close lately, I’ve gotten a lot of lessons. The main one is patience, and overblowing things. When you’re in the middle of things, it’s easy to turn tiny details into huge ones.

Watch for it. Remember to always ask yourself what you want, and what other people want. If you’re earnest about both, you can ignore your brains imaginary misunderstandings.

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