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I just got an offer to work with one of the more well known companies in Sillicon Valley.

This is what I was looking for, for a while. The ‘stamp’ of approval, if you will. I’m writing this as a note to remind myself.

After you get the stamp of approval, nothing changes. Your inner self stays the same, your worries are the same. No one can stamp you and say you’re good or bad, it’s whether you think you are good or bad.

The stamp is not going to make you sleep any better with the skills that you think you lack. Now it’s even more imperative to learn it.

I also strangely feel like I’m going to miss the stage that I was in. The not being ‘proven’ stage. I felt more like a kid, I felt closer to my mom and dad, in the they protect me kind of way. During that stage, I enjoyed it a lot, but I also wanted to get to the next stage really fast. That’s wasn’t necessarily right. I could have enjoyed it even more. Though, no complaints, I did enjoy it a lot. Just for the future, enjoy it even more.

The next chapter is going to be different. I’m going to take a lot with me from the previous one, mainly my dreams for the future, for entrepeneurship, for family, for friendship. Now, I’m going to have a slightly different role. I can influence a lot more about how I want to help my family grow, and how I want to grow personally.

I want reach the days when my father and mother rest in Georgia, my sisters are excellent doctors, and I can go on long walks with them.

Life is an excellent adventure.

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