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Notes on outreach

These are a few notes I gave to myself after an intensive outreach related campaign. Maybe one day I’ll turn it into a post, but wanted to share it anways.

Most important things to remember

  • Be ruthless with what you write down — only what helps you convey your narrative and what you want. No extra words, no extra actions.
  • Again, you NEED to have a narrative. If you did something, only say it if it helps build your narrative.
  • Follow up
  • Don’t disqualify yourself. That’s the job of the decision maker

Success perecentage has a half life on every day you don’t reply

Say you get an email from someone you consider important. You think you can come up with an okay response, but it’ll take you a day to come up with a great one. DONT wait the day! Every day you wait, imagine that your chance of getting the deal is now 50% worse. There’s no way a slightly better email will make up for 50%. Even if it did, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll stall on the second day too, so remember that.

This makes you be a responsive, on the ball type of person, which is what top performers are.

Thoughts? Reach out to me via twitter or email : )