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The Next Level From Landing Awesome Opportunities

This is edited out of my journal

Currently, I have a lot of amazing opportunities that can allow me to build my skills, to develop myself physically, socially, and financially.

I’ve been able to get them because in the past, I have been adamant on jumping on new opportunties.

However, jumping on opportunities comes with one downside, which is that you are more disposed to getting new opportunities than on maxing out on the opportunities that you have.

This will get you very far, but I’ve been thinking recently about how explosive my gains have become when I finish the projects that I’m on. Last month, with intense effort I was able to part-publish a book for example.

So, without further ado, introducing Action Criteria, a method to both max out on opportunities and to keep on jumping on even higher leveraged opportunities.

Action Criteria:

1) What are the action items on the Top of List?

2) Can anything be done? If maximized, go to the new opportunities at the bottom

After this, I made two lists. One for business, one for Social.

As an example, here’s an edited out version of the business list


Practicing for Ox TS

Speaking Mandarin → 1400 Characters

Consulting with O.

Finishing Clients at D.

Running a performance based D. blast

S./SF relationships ( about equiv. to running a D. Blast)

From than on, when in high creativity, I first go about asking what can I do to mazimize and finish off the opportunities as the top of the list.

When there’s no immediate action to be taken, than I will jump on new opportunities.

The system also makes sure that I commit to the highest possible activities that I am able to finish and deliver leveraged work on.

This is to also address the “high creativity” phenomenon I’ve had, where on days of very high creativity, I work on very far-off, new projects, while that day spent working on the closer projects would have produced higher impact.

Thoughts? Reach out to me via twitter or email : )