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The Correct Role Model on Busy

Many of us feel frustrated that we can’t fit what we want to get done into our schedule. Working out, time with family, learning another language, building new relationships all take the side as we try to fit everything in.

This was my mode of thinking and frustration, until I reunited with my sister. She gets 3 times more things done in a day than I do. This led me to readjust my thinking on what was possible.

You can get quite a lot done, but you’ll need to surround yourself with _truly busy people. _If you think answering 10 emails a day is too much, know that there are people who answer a 1000.

Learn from them, and adjust accordignly. With me, if I have a task to do, and I have time to do it, I often waste that time until it’s too late. Just fixing this one thing has allowed me to add a project and gain 5kg in the last 20 days.

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