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A sunrise above the clouds

I get into the best conversations with my father when we speak one on one. There’s a special bond there, that rejuvanates me and gives me courage.

During one of these talks, he was telling me stories of everything he would show me when we went to Georgia.

He told me, when go there, we can go to “Mta”, a mountain close to his village, and we’ll be able to see Georgia above the clouds.

I was wowed, and I asked him when he saw such a beautiful scene.

He told me when he was a child, his sister took him. That’s where all the villagers would go during the summer.

During my father’s childhood, he was very poor. His father had died, and his house had no floor. Yet, he could still enjoy the scenery above the clouds.

No matter where you are in life, happiness is there.

Happiness is not attached to your goals.

Perhaps, happiness is the essential ingredient for experiencing life, and there’s a different reason altogether to achieve in life. It might have something to do with zest, with testing yourself, with curiosity regarding your reach.

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