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The Interpreter

You kick off
A function in a sea of functions, variables and classes
While with some you compose
Many others you certainly oppose
I mean c'mone, know they're assess

But you grow up, and you take a step back
At the end of the day we’re all just functions, you think
Just a light facade, abstractions of one big hack

But you grow even more
You listen to the rhythm
And notice a much simpler algorithm
Jump, subtract, add, that's the only score

No here, no there, no good no bad

Time passes
And you feel the refactoring coming
So you take a moment to assess
For you know fear is unbecoming

All of a sudden it hits you

There's no jump, no add, no subtract
Just electricity, flowing all at once, ever present
Nothing abstract
You smile, content

A poem, inspired by the idea that "our mind is the interpreter of reality"

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