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Arguing with my mother

This woman, who nurtured me, who made me, me. Who would hold me when I was 6 and warm my hands when I was cold. This woman, who when I feel anxious and I question everything, it is only her undying belief in me that I don’t question.

This woman tells me a story on Skype, and all I can think about is

“No mom, you’re wrong”

“Business works this way”

“Life works that way”

“Why are you asking me redundant questions?”

When all we want to do is to talk to each other, to help eachtoher uplift our days.

It’s easy to let the events of the day seep into places they don’t belong. When speaking with a loved one, forget the past, let go of the future, let that person encompass your being, feel the affection you have towards them, and say hello. Really say hello.

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