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The Last 10%

Pouring your heart into a deal. You do well getting their needs, the offer is tight, you’re very friendly and you’ve developed great rapport. It’s getting close to descision time, and the anxiety is rising with every call. You do what’s in your understanding, and yet…fwooop.

After 90% of the way there, there’s 10% you don’t know. The deal falls through, but you can’t pinpoint the reason why. Was it your followthrough? Did you speak to the wrong person? Did you not get her buying criteria correctly? Was there no reason to close now?

You know you did something wrong, but it’s just outside your mindspace. This, for me, is the most frustrating experience in business, sales, and life, to be honest.

It’s what I think makes a lot of people stop midway. It sure has made me question a lot of what I do. The feeling of helplessness, after being 90% there, and fwoop.

But, I’ve realized something. I think that last 10% is ten times harder to acquire then the first 90%. That’s why there’s so much more reward after getting it.

If you want to get where you want to go, and you want to stay sane along the way, I think it’s absolutely crucial to develop a sense of contentment with the 90%. An understanding that because you did all that work doesn’t entitle you to the gains of 100%. It’s going to take time, ten times more time, and ten times more work, to get the last 10%.

I’ll even add one thing to make you happier. I’d look at every time the deal falls through, as something to be thankful for. Those moments are what are going to show you what’s missing.

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