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The positive side

The world is complex beyond anyone’s understanding, and that is beautiful.

On the macro scale,

It’s possible to see that a fragmented world, led by vested interests, is heading towards impending doom.

Or it’s possible to see the world is in a state where people are more empowered, and have more leverage than ever before. It’s possible to see a strong, unifying and unyielding strength in humanity — that this power and leverage, available to so many, is also used by good people who solve problems to further enrich the lives of those ahead of us.

On the micro,

It’s possible to think you’re trapped, surrounded by people optimizing for the wrong thing, with only pointless work and pointless relationships ahead.

Or it’s possible to see the numerous beautiful, small gestures, the deep worlds every person has within them, the tapestry of experience we all build.

Neither are completely right, but a bend on either side can makes all the difference to how you feel, what you can do, and what actually happens.

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