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Today, Mithridates and Ceasar aren’t the only heroes we worship. We worship bloggers and our friends who we perceive to have achieved further than us. It’s that friend who always manages to get 99% averages without working, or the one who seems to be good at everything, or the blogger you think has his life figured out.

There’s a “secret” that I’ve discovered, that I think a lot of successful happy people discover. I am 100% certain this is true, because I was the but end of that “secret” recently.

A friend of myne who I respect immensly looks up to me. I got a chance to understand how he thinks I am and act on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is that I am not fucking different!

The things I do every day aren’t adventures from the books. The things that people think are the most fun, i.e “travelling” and “high level business” actually isn’t what’s remembered. It’s that trip at the park with friends.

A big lesson I’ve gotten out of this is to stop the “If this than that” way of thinking about life.

If you’re not happy now, no amount of achievements are going to change that. Start building the life you want to build. Appreciate things every day, live well and eat healthy. Those the are the fundamentals.

The next time, with all your vitality is to attack problems you want to solve.

The “secret” is to be happy already. It’s going to help you succeed, and when you look back at your life, there will only be one way you’ll feel.

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