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On Alternatives

When making a tough decision, it is easy to become myopic:

  • Either you invest in index funds or you put all your money in savings
  • Either you quit your job or you don’t
  • Either you go out to meet girls at clubs or you don’t do anything
  • Either you workout 3x / week or you do nothing

At these points, it can pay dividends to consciously expand your scope

  • Are there any other options you’re not seeing?
  • What have people in your position done before?
  • What do your mentors and friends think you should do?
  • What if you couldn’t do what you were thinking, what else could you do?

When you have only one option, it makes a lot of sense to convince yourself it’s amazing. However, if you widen the road you can take, you can see much more alternatives, with a much higher degree of variance.

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