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Allow for the best case

In our universe, the path to victory is the path of pragmatism and execution. For me, these ideals have held true. When I questioned assumptions, identified what was important and executed, the outcomes were positive.

However, the path of mediocrity lies extremely close to this one. The subtle difference is that in pragmatism and execution, you allow for the best case. In the path of mediocrity, you move quickly, but only get things done the amount that is needed to be okay. It’s impossible to achieve best case scenarios this way, and the difference is non linear.

To give some more grounded examples of what I mean:

  • If you talk to a girl you like, ask her out. Not doing that removes the best case scenario
  • If you are launching a product, ask build a marketing plan for it and execute. Failing to gather feedback, because it’s more comfortable and it isn’t your job removes the best case scenario.
  • If you set up a meeting, but the other person may not show up, go anyways.

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