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On Agency

It is a beautiful realization, to see that every human around you, different as they may be, experience the world in a fundamentally similar way. We are all constrained by a lack prescient knowledge. None of us know the future, and this means that your boss, you, and every human on this earth is on level ground. There are of course differences in knowledge and leverage between people, but when compared to prescient knowledge, it’s insignificant. This is what allows young hackers to topple corporations. We are all working with information, trying our best to adapt to a world that no one truly understands.

For me, working with this belief has both increased my empathy and empowered me. In this framework, the world is your oyster, at least as much as it is someone else’s. Don’t wait for people to tell you what to do, think. What are the opportunities at present? How can we be impactful? What leverage can I use?

After starting to do this, you’ll be surprised to see many people you looked up to are doing the same thing. It’s not prescient knowledge, but an honest effort from humans to lead and adapt.

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