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When someone shushes you

I can be a bit of a loud speaker. Especially when I get on a skype call and have headphones on. One of the things I dread the most is when someone shushes me. I almost always react back, and essentially say ‘deal with it’. This always makes me feel quite bad. The reason is that I honestly knew that I am imposing, but I also felt that it is rude of them to talk to me in the way that they do. When I react, it isn’t congruent with the type of person I want to be, and I feel off long after. One time, a man interrupted me as I was sittings outside of a cafe, and I told him, ‘I am sorry, though it is outside’. He misheard me, and thought I said ‘I am sorry, but we are excited’, he laughted and empathized. I realized, this was the secret — from now on, instead of reacting back, make light of it. It saves face for both of us, and is congruent with who I am. This kind of lesson applies throughout life — instead of getting angry, taking it lightly, empathize.

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