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Getting pissed off with reality

Among my friends I’m known to be horrible with errands. Not the ha ha kind of horrible, like I can’t get myself to buy a bed for my awesome apartment kind of bad.

If I didn’t have roommates, I don’t think I’d have registered for internet either.

This has been the latest personal goal I’ve been on, to identify why I do this and to fix it.

I think I may have gotten a clearer understanding today. Today I woke up and was ready to start on a project I was excited about. But, the development environment, which wasn’t set up by me, was having trouble.

It’s stupid, but I got so frustrated that it was an effort not to show my dissatisfaction (I’m pretty sure it showed anyways). Typing was annoying.


My thought process was “Why is this happening?”. “This shouldn’t even be happening”. “F*

I was dissatisfied with the reality of the situation, and I was defaulting to ignoring my way through. Of course, that’s not going to fly. This might be similar to errands. I think, ugh, why is this not done, it should just be handled.

Time to grow up a bit I guess. No one will handle these things for me.

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