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Expensive Lessons

I noticed an interesting recurring problem in the last few months.

When I was in Lithuania, I lot my wallet. For the 2 hours it was lost, I felt pretty darn stupid, everything was in the wallet. I literally would have to call my parents to get western unioned money.

Yet, now I still carry everything in my wallet.

When I was coming to the US, I knew I would have a hassle moving money from my Canadian account over to the US. But, I didn’t want to let go of that nice number on my bank account.

Now, in order to get my money I pay a double conversion rate.

All of these are stupid mistakes that could have been easily, easily avoided. But, I was slacking. I didn’t label myself as the type of person that ‘did errands’, or ‘thought about these things’.

That cost me a bunch, and I won’t let it cost me much more.

From now onwards

  • All errands get done immediately.
  • If for some reason I am not doing an errand, and this day is not conceivably different from the next day, I will stop everything I am doing and finish that errand.
  • If there’s an uncomfortable truth I need to face, like with finances, I will stop everything and face it. I will look at the numbers.
  • If there’s a trip on the way, I will have a backup where my debit card will be.

Thoughts? Reach out to me via twitter or email : )