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boxes and bedrock

I’ve spent the last month or so in Georgia with my sister, celebrating the birth of her new child.

Though I love the culture here, there are some spots that rub the the wrong way — particularily when it came to wealth building.

I’d get into a few arguments about it. On reflection, I think I might be off.

See, for me, the subject we would talk about could be imagined as a beautiful modern box. The answer was clear to me.

When I talked to them, I would reply immedietly with my beautiful modern box answers.

But, during a moment of reflection, It dawned on me that I was just preparing answers, and wasn’t trying to understand what they were saying.

All of a sudden it wasn’t a box anymore, it was bedrock. It had curves that were edged by large rivers for over hundreds of years. There was moss growing on the rock. Animals would use this rock for shade, and it would continue to change over decades.

It was complex, there was no process to fit it in.

I began to understand them.

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