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How can you help

Something I’ve found tremendously valuable for me lately ->

  • Make a small list of the people you love
  • Brainstorm ideas on how you can help them
  • Next time, frame your conversations and help around those.

The reason I stumbled on this framework is because I would often cause agitation needlessly. For example, for my sister, who is a doctor in Georgia, I would say something like, oh wouldn’t it be cool to start your own practice, or move to Tbilisi.

This ignored the tribulation she would have to go through to actually achieve the advice I was giving. And let’s be honest, it was just talk.

Instead, I should have thought about the more immediate problems she had to overcome in order to even think about such grandiose ideas. Then, think about how I could help them with that.

Conversations frames around actionable things that show you understand them are better received, and something can actually come out of it

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