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Making the most you can out of the middle

This last month, a slew of competing ideologies swam through my brain, alongside seeing my family, moving to Taiwan, ramping up on work…

Before I flew to Taiwan, I decided to bring a plan. I wanted to →

Learn Chinese

Get a girlfriend

Start Suca Diving

Grow my business by working 10 hours / week

Launch a web app

Take the SATs for Oxford ( I am a Canadian, and didn’t take them before. Our universities didn’t need it )

Now, the first logical question was…why the hell did I want to do all of this?

than why would I want to do all of this at the same time?

I dream for, and I live for building a strong business, building up family, growing my skillsets and ability to interact with people. I think the reason someone chooses to live is largely arbitrary, but that’s what I have chosen. I have a choice not to do any of these things, but I can’t imagine living without doing this. Though this doesn’t address the second question

Why would I want to do all of this at the same time?

There are twenty four hours in a day. I know what my capabilities are. Why not stagger these things out over 10 years? In 10 years I’ll be 29 years old. If I were to have a million dollars in the bank, have a strong family, speak 4 languages…and scuba dive, I would be fine. if I were to stagger these goals, and it doesn’t have to be 10 years, I have a real shot at achieving them.

Though, that isn’t what I am doing.

The second question is what I have been struggling with. I feel like many people don’t answer the second question. I see intelligent driven people attacking at all fronts, diluting their ability to win.

For me, it was born out of a fear. A sense of urgency. I felt that if I weren’t to accomplish this now, I would never be able to do it. I would be a failure to my parents, my friends, and myself.

It’s a lack of trust in yourself. If you were to do only one thing, your confidence hinges on it. Your dreams begin to clash with the world. You start to see where the edges of your capability lie.

That’s what I’m beginning to see. There is no forskaing one thing to do another. There is no urgency. There is only action. Step by step.

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