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An interesting aspect of living as a child is that everything to you is concrete. Adults make it so. They don’t want you to worry about the ambiguity that lies in your finances, love, and the future. Your thoughts as a child wouldn’t be awfully useful at best and would scare you completely at worst, so it makes sense why they do this.

It’s surprising how we’ve carry that through though. There’s no magic wand that shows us ambiguity as soon as we turn 18. We still look for concreteness and balk at most things that don’t have clear answers. This can be especially dangerous, because now we’re biased towards safer actions. No matter how ambitious you are, it’s tantilizingly attractive to take the choice that would safeguard our sense of the world.

What does this mean?

If you’re making a decision between two possible paths, choose the more ambiguous one. You have so much bias towards safer paths that If you’re even considering the alternative, it must be the better choice.

Secondly, question the safeness of things. If something seems awfully safe to you, it’s your childish self choosing to ignore the ambiguity. It is never as safe as a child would think, so it’s better to look it with keener eyes.

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