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Constantly Striving

Women. I remember how many discussions I’ve been regarding love, dating, talking with girls. I was a little bit shy and scared when I was younger. Thanks to my parents I was ridiculously confident in most things, but a pang would vibrate in my body when I wanted to talk to girls I had crushes on.

When I tried to become better, the common advice was

“Don’t worry, just be you”


“You need to unlearn. Just be natural”

I think this advice comes form a very good place. When you see someone who is already successful, it looks effortless. It’s like the kick of a 5th degree black belt — they don’t think about it anymore. Yes, that’s true, but how do you get there?

It’s not by not thinking…

You can’t unlearn by commanding yourself to unlearn. You unlearn by pushing yourself and observing the results. The end result won’t look like the way you do things now, this is the only way to get there

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